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Add a little sparkle to your windows
You work enough already
Your windows best friend

Clean Homes


Happy Clients

Bringing the outside in

About us

How easy it would be if there was a magic trick to make your windows gleam.

You work hard enough already and we are your windows best friend.

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Competitive Pricing

Bright and Shiny

Reach and Wash System


Take Care


Committed to Keeping YourWindows Squeaky Clean

Glass and window seals cleaned as standard

Frames cleaned

General clean on doors

All using the pure water fed pole with soft brush


Its up to you? 

Shops weekly?

4 weekly

8 week intervals

12 week intervals

One off service. For example a landlord or letting agent when a tenant has left a property

As the intervals increase there will be a slight rise in the cost per visit as the units will be dirtier and need more work which will  take more time.

One off or occasional visits on a conservatory usually requested annually includes removal of dirt, moss and other debris to leave your extra room spick and span.


Super Clean  doors, porches and garage doors.

A special service that can renovate requiring a little elbow grease and normally requested annually.

Power Washing. We are planning to do this in the future. Patios, Driveways, Decking and Pathways. Please ask us about this service as it will be comming soon. 

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