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June 2020

Special Offer for June /July 2020.

If you are a existing regular client in a residential property!

If you recommend your neighbour then you can have your next regular clean in June, July or August at 50% of your normal price when they have their windows regularly cleaned for the first time with us.  

To claim this special offer you need to let us know that you are claiming this special offer price  and we will have to validate your claim?

We have been through a long hot spring and early summer. Your windows are probably dusty following the dry weather and if you have not had them cleaned regularly now would be a good time to get them done.


If you haven't arranged for your conservatory room to be cleaned following the ravages of winter then get it done now. Make the most of the summer with a nice clean roof helping to make it a pleasure to sit in your extra room.


Please stay safe during the covid crisis. Don't forget the 2 metre social distancing. Unfortunately many seem to be assuming that 2 metres doesn't mean 2 metres when they are walking past in the street.

Government advice doesn't say keep 2 metres away except when passing by someone in the street.

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