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Frequently asked questions

How do you clean windows

We use a water fed pole system that uses pure water. It is pumped up the pole to the brush. We use a special filter that removes impurities and gives a streak free clean. We don't use ladders as the poles give us the abity to reach up while standing on the ground. It is a lot safer than ladders.

Do I need to provide any of the cleaning products/materials or equipment?

No. We bring our own equipment and we have water in our van. We are self contained. There is a slight chance that occasionly we may run out of water so if we could borrow your tap that would be helpfull. This would be an unusual occurance.

Do you need access to clean the back of the house?

Yes. We need to have access to our equipment to do the job. In some cases we clean the front of a property only

Do you clean inside the property?

No. Covid 19 has caused many difficaulties and we have made a decision not to enter properties until the situation is resolved.

Do you clean patios, driveways and paths?

It is a service we are looking to add. Moss, algae and grime including lichen black spots can help to make patios, driveways and pathways old, shabby and tired. So many people get used to it looking like that because it happens gradually. We recomend that you should have them cleaned at least once a year. We are looking at using high pressure washers that are more intense than home bought versions, that have special surface attachements in addition to wands that clean more quickly and thoroughly. They use a higher pressure Giving a much better standard of cleanness than home versions. We want to make life easy for you. If you are interested in this please ask us because it is comming soon.

How has covid 19 affected the service?

It has changed the way we have to do things as it has for so many other businesses. We keep 2 metres away from others. We may need to ask you to move so we can do the job. We stand back from the door if we speak to you. We clean our hands and equipment regularly. We respectly ask you to keep away from us while we are working on your property. If you have any symptons of covid 19 for example a high temperature and or a new consistant cough or have been in contact with someone who has the infection or is exibiting symptons then contact us and let us know so we won't visit your property until we know it is safe. We will do the same. Stay safe. We are not doctors and don't wish to pedle fake news so it is best to check with govenment web site and the WHO. And the doctors for more accurate advice. We value you as a customer and as a person. We believe your family and friends should be protected. Your health is important to us.

How much does it cost?

Every residential property is different and because of that we don't have a one price fits all. The majority of domestic properties cost between £13 - £20. Some are £25 - £30. Some are less than these prices and some are more. There are also prices for larger jobs or annual services that take more time and will be priced accordingly. It also depends on how often we clean and what you want us to do. The frequency is your choice. The more often we come the lower the price. We will be only to happy to quote for you. Let us know the type of property you live in and we can give you a price. We want to work with you and develop a relationship. We aim to give you a high quality service

Why are the windows left wet when the cleaner leaves.

We use pure water that has been filtered. That means it will dry out streak free giving you clean sparkling windows.

Do you clean in the rain

Depending on the weather conditions we can and do clean in the rain. If the weather is not suitable we reshedule to do it another time.

Can you clean all my windows?

For most residentual properties yes. There are some properties that we can't reach one window due to its location or its height. In cases like this we will clean the windows we can and we will advise you of the situation. It may be the outside of the window needs to be cleaned from inside of the property. Some properties due to their height can't be cleaned using the rod and pole method. Some properties have bushes / plants / or trees, covering the window or blocking the access. We can't clean these properly. You may need to consider trimming or repositioning the plants.

Why is there some spotting on my window?

We aim to spotlessly clean your windows. Occassionaly and especially for new customers there may be some spotting. This can be caused if rod and pole has not been done before and the upper frame has alowed some dirt that has dripped down to form a spot. It may also be a prior cleaner had allowed a build up of dirt on the top of the frame which when we cleaned it off has left a small residue. We use pure water and no detergents. It could also be some detergent in the cracks of the seals that has caused this caused by a prior cleaning method is seeping out. It may take a few washes to completely remove prior detergent. That is why we always like to give a first clean a thorough intence wash. When the window has been cleaned a few times this problem should go away.

Can you clean soffits

Yes we can. Using a pole and brush we can reach the parts others cant reach.

Can you clean conservatory roofs?

Yes we can. As long as we can get access to the roof of conservataries with our poles and brushes we can clean them.

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Payments Accepted

We accept cash, cheque and bank transfer payments quoting our reference number and your name. 

Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel your service please can you give one weeks notice. If you have not advised us that you are cancelling the service you are liable to pay when we provide the service.

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We are proud of our commitment to providing a high standard of work. We use modern equipment and aim to give you a good quality service. We want you to be satisfied with our work and will do all we can to ensure you are happy.